Azur Light Systems (ALS)

is the worldwide manufacturer of intense single frequency fiber lasers and high power PM Fiber amplifiers

ALS proprietary low noise, coolerless and maintenance free technology enables new laser wavelengths for scientific, industrial and bio-medical applications.


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Our products are unique in offering an all fiber solution for greatly improved stability and offering unprecedented levels of integration for systems applications. All of our lasers are available in single mode and single frequency version for the most demanding application.

Since 2015 Azur Light System provides a unique series of High power PM Fiber amplifier up to 50W optimized in in selectable wavelength range allowing the coupling of laser seeder at exotic wavelength needed for Atom cooling. The high power optical output are ideal for second harmonic generation SHG, third harmonic generation THG and beyond.

After a sucessfull product launch of the first multi-watts single mode fiber laser @488nm on the market, Azur Light Systems has developped a dual simultaneous wavelengths (488/515/532) single beam platform (ALS-OCEAN) especially design for laser doppler velocimetry up to 10W+10W.

 This compact head offers a unique maintenance free drop in replacement of the historical high power Argon gaz lasers.

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